Friday, February 4, 2011

Baby quilts

Some families begin with a dog. When the first baby comes, sometimes its nice to acknowledge the real "first baby." Here is a plan for a baby quilt based on images of the "dog baby". Of course, translated into fabric the quilt would look quite different.

This is an earlier quilt I made based on a different dog and pattern. This had a lot of applique and embroidery, and frankly I've learned my lesson. In any case, I would expect that the new pattern would also feature a colorful range of pups with a border to determined as the quilt progresses.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Jimmy filtered.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


After another semester of computer graphics, I have a few more images to show. This one is part of a project...a series of word types that combines a play on words with a photoshop type treatment. I volunteer at the local library, so I could hardly resist making a fake overdue stamp (knowing full well that it makes no sense to stamp a book overdue.)

Saturday, October 31, 2009


I began this blog hoping that it would spur productivity. Well, I guess that didn't work out as intended. It did add to my list of things I neglect. Happily I have continued taking art classes at the local community college and they continue to inspire me with possibilities.

For Halloween, here is a design I made last year to screen print on a t-shirt.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Alphabet Posters

I have been spending way too much time looking for the alphabet in places around town. I think this is a typical project for a graphics design class: compile a poster of images of the alphabet from everyday things/architecture etc. based on some theme. I chose the small town near me (Crozet) as my theme. My first collection of photos were rather dismal, but the collection got better over time. And the search did take me off the beaten path. When I was taking a picture of the B from the water spigot, a fellow at the construction site thought I was an employee of the developer collecting evidence that the construction crew had not put away the hose. "Ah no...just collecting letters."

I adjusted and edited the images in Photoshop and then used InDesign for the layout. I used the panorama feature of Photoshop for the header. And Crozet locals will recognize that the heading "Crozet A to Z" comes from a manipulation of the sign for our local pizza joint "Crozet Pizza" located across from the library. Sadly, I also found that I spent way too much time fixing peeling paint and removing globs of gum in the photos.

I couldn't decide between these two versions. During critique, it was suggested that the panorama was extraneous. But removing it takes away the most distinguishing feature and lure of Crozet. So I think ultimately I will use the cutout letters but put them in the Z-shaped layout that has the longest span of the panorama.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Jimmy's Rug

Here is the panda rug I made a few months ago. I used lime green chenille for the front and back, and appliqued the pieces for the panda on top. And to give the rug a bit more weight, I put batting in the middle. Everything is held together with machine topstitching that I used to apply the pieces, and with "quilting" that outlines the panda.

Here is Jimmy Cat taking over the panda rug as his own. This has become his regular spot. I guess this makes up for my having made a bunny rug for Tommy to use to lay in front of the kitchen sliding glass door.

And finally, here is some of the mountain laurel that is blooming throughout the woods. I bought a mountain laurel plant for my garden in Northern Virginia. I laughed when I first moved here and saw how much was growing here without any help from me.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Art Show Jimmy

Just as spring session ended, the local community college opened its annual student art show. The show is not juried. Students are allowed to submit two works from any art classes taken during the year. So I couldn't resist entering Monotype Jimmy (from my printmaking class) and Symbolic Jimmy (from my design class). Happily, the two pieces were hung side by side.

The plywood flowers were made by another student in my sculpture class. I have to show it here because I think it's just brilliant. Simple and brilliant...the best combination. The flower shapes are cut from plywood with a jigsaw and then attached to tree limbs. These are then held up with three cinder blocks. I like that everything was left natural, but have wondered about fashioning a colorized version.

Meanwhile, the sun came out and the turtle took off. And as I stepped onto the front porch yesterday I heard a hummingbird take off from the feeder. So at least one remains.