Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I often wonder what it would be like to have a clone of Tommy. He is the cat with many rules, and his greatest disappointment in life is that Jimmy doesn't follow them. To make things worse, Jimmy doesn't even seem to understand the concept of rules...such as, only one cat on the cat couch (me) at a time. So what would happen if Tommy had to live with a little version of himself? Would the cloned Tommy agree with original Tommy's rules or would the clone devise his own rules?

But more to the point...Photoshop has a clone stamp tool that lets you easily take out bits of grit and grime from a photo. You make a tiny copy of a clean spot and lay it over the grit. In the photo above I used it to wash the window next to Tommy's head. There is nothing like a photo to highlight poor housekeeping. In this case, the photo showed just how long it had been since the window was washed. So I spend my time on virtual housekeeping instead of the real thing.

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