Wednesday, February 18, 2009

M is for Mouse

I am learning Photoshop in my computer graphics class. And for the next two weeks we are having a substitute teacher--my teacher for sculpture. We are now using an exercise previously used in my drawing class. This exercise borrows from Chris Van Allsburg's "The Z Was Zapped:" set a stage with curtains and flooring and then put a three-dimensional letter on the stage with some kind of alliterative action. For the drawing class, I had an f "flocked by flamingos." The drawing exercise works on tonal shading in the curtains and perspective in the flooring. For Photoshop, its an exercise for working with layers. The photo shows what I have so far. I need to figure out how to fix the transition from cat to flooring. Also, the photo of Jimmy is too blurry--and I think I will have better luck using a different photo than trying to sharpen this one. I also want to make the M into a least with fur, ears, eyes and tail.

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