Saturday, May 30, 2009

Jimmy's Rug

Here is the panda rug I made a few months ago. I used lime green chenille for the front and back, and appliqued the pieces for the panda on top. And to give the rug a bit more weight, I put batting in the middle. Everything is held together with machine topstitching that I used to apply the pieces, and with "quilting" that outlines the panda.

Here is Jimmy Cat taking over the panda rug as his own. This has become his regular spot. I guess this makes up for my having made a bunny rug for Tommy to use to lay in front of the kitchen sliding glass door.

And finally, here is some of the mountain laurel that is blooming throughout the woods. I bought a mountain laurel plant for my garden in Northern Virginia. I laughed when I first moved here and saw how much was growing here without any help from me.