Monday, May 18, 2009

Peachy Keen

Apparently I have no self-motivation. Classes ended the first week of May and I have not made anything since. Now I am in a mild panic over the thought that classes begin again next Tuesday. This session I will be taking another computer graphics class and painting.

I have spent more time outside and have even managed to make a little vegetable plot. Typically I scatter a few plants around, but this year I decided to avoid the tough love approach with its low yield. Right now snow peas are the star of the garden. This is my second planting after some creature of feather or fur dug up the first batch. I will also be planting vines this year--pumpkin, watermelon, cucumbers and zucchini. It has been too cold to start these (with a possible frost tonight), so I will wait until next week.

As I was out this morning cutting logs, I spotted a faint bit of orange peeking out from a peach tree. And by golly, it was a baby peach. Fancy that. I have no expectations, however, given these were newly planted last year and barely stand four feet high. But the baby peach is blogworthy, if only for cuteness.

And while we're up and about in the garden, here is a picture of a turtle who has parked himself out back. I think he is using the leaves as shelter until the cold spell passes. A few years back I stopped on the highway because a turtle was in the middle of the road and I wanted to move him before he was hit by a car. I had a small spade to move him with. However, it was a snapping turtle and when I went to scoop him up he came after me. Attacked by a turtle? Good grief. But he was truly feisty and quite uncooperative. Luckily a fellow with a shovel (with a nice long handle) stopped to help me out.

Meanwhile, I am wondering where the hummingbirds went. I usually have gazillions. Earlier this month I had three hummingbirds that came regularly to the feeders, but now there are none.

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