Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I didn't expect to finish the machine quilting in two days...but there you go. The photo shows the last curve of stitching. The last line is marked with blue chalk so in the photo it appears to be already quilted.

Last night after I had sewn on the front side of the binding by machine, I went ahead and started the hand sewing. And so the quilt was finished before the inauguration. But that's okay because who can sew while they are jumping up and down with excitement?

Here is the detail view that shows the machine quilting. I used a variegated red, white and blue thread (King Tut). Everything went smoothly until I had a glitch with the bobbin tension. This meant undoing a line of curved diagonal stitching. But when the tension is off, undoing the stitching is much easier.

The final step will be to scrutinize the Quilts of Valor submission requirements. I already know that I need to add a label and wash the quilt. And as usual, I will have to spend some time extracting loose threads and removing as much cat hair as possible.

But most of my day today will be spend smiling, sighing and admonishing the cats that there will be no more fighting under an Obama administration.

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