Friday, January 23, 2009

First week of classes

The pileated woodpecker is part of a monoprint I made last semester in printmaking.

This semester I'm taking a computer graphics class and sculpture (design fundamentals 3D). Our first assignment for sculpture is to take an everyday object, and copy it 3 times with different materials. Scissors, in one example, were made from wire, then twigs, and bread dough.

For my object I'm thinking about using a lemon. Maybe the bright yellow seems so appealing in the dead of winter. I'm already finding this an interesting assignment. The color is the easiest part, I think. The solidity and shape may also be straight forward. So I think the lemon texture will be the biggest challenge. Some potential materials are sponges, screen, and paperclay. But since I'm all about the fiber, I may also have to try knitting a lemon, making a soft sculpture with fabric and maybe beading a lemon shape.

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