Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Peace and Harmony?

This was my view while watching Obama's inaugural address. Tommy and Jimmy were obviously inspired by the phrase "Extend a paw, not a claw." (I may be paraphrasing.) During the night there was a tussle, however. Sometimes Jimmy likes to extend a paw and touch Tommy while he's sleeping. These invasions of body space are not well tolerated. I did remind them that the Obama administration was in effect for more than one day.

Yesterday when I washed the red, white and blue quilt, I added some synthrapol as a preventive measure for any bleeding. And yikes. There were several places where the red fabric bled into the white. I discovered this as I was pulling it out of the dryer. So I popped it back into the washer, added more synthrapol and put it in for an extra rinse. And success.

The final steps for a quilt of valor are washing, adding a label and making a presentation case (essentially a pillow case). I did these yesterday, so today I will request a destination.

Today is the first day of classes--Computer Graphics from 10-12AM. And yes, even at my age, I get that weird feeling of anticipation that seems to be an odd mix of excitement and dread.

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