Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's a Mystery to Me

Today I am going with a friend to a mystery quilt class. I admit I don't have the faintest clue why a person would want to make a mystery quilt. Making a quilt following construction instructions without knowing what design you are making? Isn't that like going to IKEA, but instead of going through the store picking an item you like, you head for the loading dock where a clerk hands you an unmarked box? Then you're supposed to take the box home and assemble the unit without knowing what piece of furniture it is. Do you assemble it step by step wondering whether it's a chest of drawers, a bookcase or a TV stand? Maybe some would think "Oh, I just love IKEA furniture and I can hardly wait to see what wonderful piece of furniture I'm making." Others like me might dwell on, "Oh, I hope it's not a table for changing diapers. Too bad IKEA doesn't make cat trees."

So that might be the answer...quilters go to a mystery class to meet happy optimistic people, because the grouches stay at home. And speaking of grouches. For my printmaking class, each student illustrated a scene from the story "The Three Bears." I didn't realize until today that I had chosen the most tragic scene in the story--the little bear realizing he had no porridge. Well, hopefully the class with happy optimistic quilters will cure my bad attitude.

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