Thursday, January 8, 2009

Quilt of Valor Progress

I love to read blogs. And I am amazed at the productivity of some of my favorite bloggers. I wonder whether their blogs help them along or they get a lot done anyway. This blog is my experiment to see if having a blog will give me a productivity boost. To do that though, I need to show more work in progress instead of just finished projects.

It may have been a year ago that I started on a Quilt of Valor. It has sat neglected until recently when I finally finished the quilt top. Now I'm wondering if I can layer, machine quilt and bind it before the inauguration.

The quilt is a simple log cabin variation. I have seen the pattern referred to as a Bento Box quilt. I chose red, white and blue because those are the apparent color favorites for Quilts of Valor. But I must say this is not my usual color choice. The white fabric is a bit on the fussy side given the gold metallic (see closeup photo below). However, I made a four block sample that I layered, quilted and washed, and everything turned out fine.

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